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Ghunghroo Ki Awaaz

April 29, 2010

Ghunghroo Ki Awaaz was Bollywood horror movie in 1981. Shyam Ramsay has directed this film Rekha has appeared in dual roles.

Takhur (Vijay Anand) a wealthy man, meets Kaajal (Rekha) who entered who forced into prostitution. He brings her out of that and marries her. They share some happy movements. While every thing is going well. Thakur’s uncle enters into their lives.

One day Takhur notices, Kaajal dancing and moving closely with another guy. He kills her and that guy and through their bodies into fire. After that incident he watches Kaajal in every place, hears her voice and foots steps sounds.

His household decides that, his mental state is not proper and sends him to Mumbai. There he meets Kiran (Rekha) who looks like Kaajal. Kiran joins as his personal nurse and comes close to him. He comes to know that, Kaajal’s ghost wants kill Kiran.

Who was the mastermind behind Kaajal’s murder and how Thakur has protected Kiran is the remaining story.

R.D.Burman‘s back ground score in this movie is really good. Leela Mishra, Shreeram Lagoo and Padma Khanna were appeared in other important roles


Woh Kaun Thi ?

January 22, 2010
Woh Kaun Thi ? is a suspense thriller. It was a Block Buster in 1966. K.H.Kapadia has bagged the Film Fare award for his fabulous camera work.Raj Khosla has directed this flick.
Dr. Anand (Manoj Kumar) is in return to home. He notices a lonely lady in the scary rainy night on the road. He offers a lift to her. She introduces her self as Sandhya (Sadhana). Instantly after she stepping into the car, some strange thigs takes place, which Anand not notices. Later he watches her hands which are bleeding, She simply replies about that, she likes blood when he asks about the bleeding.
This makes Anand to shock a movement. Anand watches an old man who came for the help. The old man says that, his daughter is in deep trouble please help to him. When Anand goes to there, he notices that, she is none other than Sandhya and also she died.
Anand comes to know that, Sandhya is following him as ghost. What is the relation between them and why she is behind him is the remaining story.
Prem ChopraK.N.Singh and Helen are the other lead cast to this movie.