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Kasme Vaade

April 26, 2010

Kasme Vaade was 1978 Bollywood movies starring Amitabh Bachchan in dual roles. Randhir Kapoor , Rakhee Gulzar and Neetu Singh were played  the other lead roles.


Amit (Amitabh Bachchan) a professor has an younger brother Raju (Randhir Kapoor) who is an unemployed. Amit falls in love with Suman (Rakhee Gulzar).

Because of bad companies, Raju gets a bit spoiled and involves in some street fights. When he is in trouble, Amit tries to protect him and dies in that fight.

Shankar who looks like Amit enters into Suman and Raju’s lives. Raju feels that, he got his brother back. But what he don’t know is Shankar is a most wanted criminal. How Raju and Suman responds after noticing Shankar’s past and they allows him to be with them or not ? is the remaining story.


It was one of the biggest hits of that year. It was remakes of this movie into Telugu with Shobhan Babu and in Tamil with Rajnikanth were also bagged good success.


March 19, 2009


Anari is one of the classic movies in Bollywood. This is a black and white picture released in 1959. Raj Kapoor (grand father of Kareena, Karishmaand Ranbir) acted in the title role. It is the famous director Hrishkesh Mukherjee‘s second film.


Raj Kumar (Raj Kapoor) is an honest person who lives in a kindhearted woman L.D.Sa’s (Lalita Powar) house for rent. He is a sole trader at the same time painter. But his income is not enough for his food and rent. One day he finds a purse with full of money.


He finds the purse owner Ramanath’s (Motilal) house to give the purse. Motilal is a very rich person who praises Raj honesty and provides a job in his office. He falls in love with a girl Asha who tells him that she is working in Ramnath’s house.

But later he finds the truth Asha is Ramnath’s daughter and her name is Aarthi (Nutan). Heartbroken Raj goes to his old destination. There he again faces a sad situation L.D.Sa is suffering with some disease. He takes care of her. Unfortunately one day she expires. Policemen suspects Raj and imprisons him. He escapes from the jail and proves himself innocent.


In those days only Hrishkesh concentrated on screenplay and other technical departments. The songs composed by ShankarJaikishan are still famous. Received 5 Filmfare awards and lyricist Shailendra got one award among that.