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April 20, 2010

Mausam was 1975 movie from Gulzar which won two Filmfare awards and a National Award. Sharmila Tagore has appeared in dual role as mother and daughter. Her performance gave National Film Best Actress award.


Dr. Amarnath Gill (Sanjeev Kumar) and Chanda Thapa (Sharmila Tagore) both are lovers. He promises her that, he will return back and marries her after earning more money. But he fails to keep his promise. She marries an old man and gives birth to a baby girl and dies.

25 years later Amarnath returns back and comes to know about Chanda and her family. He finds her daughter Kalzi (Sharmila Tagore) in a brothel house and brings her to his house. He want to make her into refined woman. But she falls for Amarnath. Later the rest of movie carriesĀ  some high emotions.

It was a feel god movie. Om Shivpuri and Dina Phatak were appeared in two other key roles.


Namak Haraam

September 23, 2009

Namak Haraam was Bollywood movie in 1973 starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna in lead roles. Hrishikesh Mukherjee has directed this movie. It was second movie from Hrishikesh Mukerjee, Amitabh and Rajesh Khanna combo.

First film in this combination was Anand, which is one of the classic film in Bollywood history. Namak Haraam focuses on friend ship between a poor worker and a rich business man.

Gulzar penned this story. Rahul Dev Burman has composed the music. Rekha was female lead. Amitabh Bachchan won Filmfare award for this movie in Best Actor Category.

Mere Apna

July 9, 2009

Mere Apne was a classic movie in 1971 from the legend director Gulzar. This movie gave a great break to Vinod Khanna, after this movie success, he has started his journey to become a super star. Meena Kumari played the lead role in this movie. mere-apne-wallpaper

Anandi (Meena Kumari) is a widow lives in a small village. One day his relative Arun Gupta (Ramesh Deo) visits her and asks her to come and join with his family. She agrees happily and goes to city where Arun’s family lives. But very soon she finds the difference between the city and village. She also notices that, Arun’s family treating her as their maid. She comes out from that house and lives with orphan children.

Salil Chaudhary gave ever green music for this movie, after forty years also, people enjoyed that music. Shatrughan Sinha played another key role for this movie.