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December 4, 2009

Julie was a super hit movie in 1975. South Indian actress Laxmi has played the titles role in this film. Movie deals the point about inter cast marriage. B.Nagi Reddy and Chakrapani were produced this movie.

Julie (Lakshmi) is a christian girl belongs to an Anglo Indian family. She gets pregnancy because of her boy friend Shashi (Vikram). Her mother (Nadira) asks her to abort it but later sends to out of her native. He tells to the rest of family, that Julie got job there. There Julie gives birth to a baby boy.

Julie’s mother asks her to come back to home by leaving the child in any orphanage. She doesn’t agrees for that. She meets Shashi and his mother and says every thing about their love and birth of baby boy.

Julie’s mother and Shashi’s mother are not ready for their marriage. Shashi mother want his marriage with a Hindu girl on the other hand Julie’s mother want to go back to England. Where this love story ended what are the problems Julie faced to win her love is the remaining story.

has played the role as younger sister to Julie and Om Prakash appeared as drunken father.