Gol Maal (1979)


Gol Maal was super hit comedy movie in 1979. It was directed by star director Hrishikesh Mukherjee starring Amol Palekar in lead role.

Ram Prasad (Amol Palekar) is young guy with play boy type nature. He works as an accountant and also searching for good job. His uncle advises him to try a job in his friend Bhavani Shankar (Utpal Dutt)’s company. Utpal Dutt is a man with many rules and regulations. If any one in his firm follows his rules and regulations, he offers some extra money. He feels that mustache

Ram Prasad impresses Bhavani Shankar with traditional look and pleasing behavior. One day Ram Prasad takes leave by saying that, he has to go to hospital along with his mother who is ill, but goes to hockey match. On the other hand Bhavani Prasad also goes to match and notices Ram Prasad there.

Ram Prasad convinces him by saying that, the person whom Bhavani Prasad has seen in stadium is his twin brother Lakshman Prasad. Bhavani Shankar appoints Lakshaman Prasad as music teacher to his daughter Urmila (Bindiya Goswami).

Then the magic starts, Ram acts as Ram Prasad with Mustache and as Lakshman without mustache. Urmila always hates, Ram but loves Lakshaman. Until the movie ending this confusions entertains audience very much.

Om Prakash
, Dina Phatak and Manju Singh were played other lead roles in this movie.


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