Raaz (1967)


Raaz (1967) was a thriller movie starring Babita and Rajesh Khanna. It was a thriller revolves around a murder mystery.

Kumar (Rajesh Khanna) is an young guy living in Africa. Regularly he watches a railway station in India called Viran Nagar. But he never visited that railways station. To find the mystery behind his nightmares, he comes to India along with his friend Rocky (I.S.Johar).

He visits that village and surprises, because the railway station is as it is in his dreams. Mean while a village girl called Sapna (Babita ) comes to him and says that, she is very happy about his return. Some of the villagers scares after watching Kumar and shouts.

Kumar every thing in that village as strange because he never visited that village. He don’t know Sapna and also don’t know the reason why villagers watching him as ghost.

Later another villagers called Bansi (Asit Sen) says that, he has seen that some goons burying Kumar in forest. Kumar confusions a lot with this. He starts dwelling every thing to know the mystery. What is the relation to him and that village, Whom the goons killed and who is Babita is the suspense till the climax.

Kamal Kapoor and Ratnamala were played other lead roles. Movie was sensational hit at that time. Still the plot has some fresh appearance.


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