Lamhe was Bollywood movie directde by Yash Chopra in 1991. It bagged five Filmfare awards but failed to impress audience.  Sri Devi has appeared in the double role and Anil Kapoor paired opposite her.

Viren (Anil Kapoor) on his first look falls to a beautiful girl called Pallaavi (Sri Devi) in Rajastan. After her father death, Viren comes to know her love on Siddharth (Deepak Malhotra). Heart broken Viren leaves India and settles in London. After 20 years he visits India. In that trip he comes to know that, Pallavi and Siddharth were died in a road accident.

He shocks to watch Pallavi’s daughter Pooja (Sri Devi), because Pooja looks like Pallavi. He returns back to London, Pooja follows him. Viren agrees to marry Anita (Dippy Sagoo). But Pooja is already in love with Viren. With this news she upsets and goes back to India. Viren realises himself that, he is also in love with Pooja and flies to India to marry her.

Honey Irani has written this touching story, she has also penned some feel good dialogues.


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