Muqaddar Ka Sikander


Muqaddar Ka Sikander was a block buster movie in 1978. Amitbh Bachchan appeared as angry young man in this movie. Movie was directed by Prakash Mehra. Rekha , Vinod Khanna and Rakhee Gulzar are other crew for the movie.

A young girl Kamna gives shelter to an orphan boy who lost his parents in very young age. But Kama’s parent throws him out of their house. A Muslim woman adopts him and names him as Sikander. Adult Sikander (Amitabh Bachchan) becomes a rowdy and helps to smugglers. Still he reminds Kamna. He finds her identity and takes a house for rent which opposite to her house. She rejects to speak with him.


He meets a prostitute Zohrabai (Rekha). Zohrabai falls for Sikander after his frequent visits. Zohrabai commits for suicide when she comes to now about Sikander’s love interest Kamna. One day Sikander watches Kamna in Vishal (Vinod Khanna) hands. Sikander decides to commits for suicide.

KalyanjiAnandji ‘s music is very big asset for this movie.


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