Bandini was released in 1963. This is a woman oriented triangular love story. Nutan, Dharmendra and Ashok Kumar played the lead roles. Bandini means prisoner. According to the title a part of the movie was shot in jail.This movie received 6 Filmfare awards. This movie moves in the British period.

Kalyani is a girl who loves Bikash (Ashok Kumar). Bikash is a freedom fighter who promises her that he would marry her after he returns back. But  he never returns. Lots of incidents make her to go jail. In jail Devan (Dharmendra) is attracted towards her. He is a jail doctor. But she ignores him. But later he will impress her. At that time Bikash will return back. Nutan is confused about selecting the proper person for her life.


Director Bimal Roy gave a heart touching story. The young directors who starting a movie with single line must learn that what is the value of bounded script from these types of films. Sachin Dev Burman (Father of  R.D.Burman)’s music and Kamal Bose‘s camera work both received Filmfare awards. Nutan did a really excellent job. Yash Chopra distributed this super hit film.



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