Chashme Buddoor


chashme_buddoorChashme Buddoor is a comedy which entertained people in the 1980’s. This story showed the jolly life of college students. Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha played guest roles in this movie. Sai Paranjpye directed this comedy movie.

motorcycleThe story is about three guys Siddharth (Farooq Shaik), Omi (Rakesh Bedi), and Jai (Ravi Baswani). These guys are students in the Delhi University and stay in the same room. Siddharth is a decent guy and always spends his time with his books. But Omi and Jay are always busy in girl hunt and watching movies.


One they see a beautiful girl Neha (Deepti Naval) who is their neighbour. When these two guys attempts to impress Neha they face some bad experience from her. Neha is a sales girl and visits these guy’s room. Siddharth falls for her beauty. And she also starts a friendship with Siddharth.

unsetThis is an out and out entertainer. Raj Kamal is the music director for this movie.  K.J Jesudas sang four songs in this movie.



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